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temporary COVID takeout menu

We are reopening for takeout only, to serve our valued friends and neighbors. This temporary takeout menu will be in effect while COVID restrictions are in place.

To order: text or call 503.222.1601,

or Email: reservations@enzoscaffeitaliano.com

Wine and beer available to go! Inquire when calling for available labels.

Small Container: $8, Large Container: $13(two glass equivalent)

*Fresh made Focaccia Bread included with all items*



Fresh mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, green olives, spices. 12


Celery, red onion, tomato, sweet peppers, lightly salted potatoes and fresh mozzarella tossed over a bed of fresh arugula. 12


Penne con Bolognese

Hearty red meat sauce slowly cooked, served over fresh Penne pasta, choice of meatballs, or sausage. 14

Rigatoni ai Fungi

Rigatoni pasta with mushroom and asparagus in rich cream sauce. 15

Sugo Barase con Rigatoni 

Traditional red sauce from Bari made with chunks of goat, beef and pork slowly cooked.

Served over rigatoni pasta. 18

Polenta con Sausage e Braciola

Rolled beef seasoned with garlic, pecorino cheese and parsley. Slow cooked in tomato sauce, served over polenta with asparagus and sausage. 15

Scampi with Roasted Potato

Large Scampi sautéed in garlic, tomatoes, and green olives, served with roasted potatoes. 18


Fresh ground beef and pork, fresh onion, celery, carrots, Sanmarzano tomatoes, basil and spices, layered with fresh-made pasta and besciamella sauce. Baked to order. 12

Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant al forno in pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano. 10


Cheese and fungi ravioli with white or red sauce. 10

Dolce Di Casa

Fresh homemade Tiramisu   7

Orange Ricotta - Blend of cream and fresh orange zest.   7

Thank you for your support! Small businesses like ours depend on your support!



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